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E R Post Box Red AR898

King George the vi red British post office cast iron post box or lamp box would make a striking addition to the front of your property or driveway. Why not even mount in a brick wall or pier. The post box as illustrated comes in a hard wearing red gloss finish which gold highlighting.

These post boxes were originally designed in the 1940's but did not come into use until 1949 due to the world war.

This design was larger than previous lamp boxes but lighter due to it mainly being constructed from steel except for the front cast iron fascia.

These post boxes are still widely seen throughout great britain today but mainly with the queen elizabeth ii cypher and often seen mounted on single column stands or mounted in brick walls.

these reproduction post boxes are also available to purchase with a gr, er or vr cypher. the choice is yours.

front lockable access panel comes complete with a set of keys

24" x 10" x 14", 185mm slot, lockable door

£ 225 Inc

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