Five Benefits of Using Raised Garden Beds

Five Benefits of Using Raised Garden Beds

The claim that raised garden beds are recommended for the elderly is true, but they are just as beneficial to anyone looking to grow their own plant life. Aside from the fact that they are easy to manage and maintain, and provide an easily accessibly platform, researchers and seasoned veterans on raised bed users also suggest that there are also benefits to the plants and soil themselves in the way of making them more nutritious and help them grow faster.

Affordable and amazingly adaptable, railway sleepers make the ideal material to build raised garden beds from and below we will list five of the plentiful benefits of using raised bed gardening:

1. Noticeably higher crop yield

With raised garden beds, the soil is put in a much better position where it can easily absorb all of its required nutrients, fertilisers and water it needs in a controlled environment. Through the enriched soil, plants are able to get the perfect amount of nutrients they require to grow healthily as well as larger and faster.

Raised garden beds also have the advantage of avoiding soil compaction, a process caused by people and animals alike. As raised garden beds are elevated off of the floor, it makes it less prone to be trampled on by people, pets and wild animals which significantly decreases the risk of dead plants whilst significantly increasing the life span.

2. Easier to manage and maintain

Raised garden beds offer a distinct advantage over planting in the ground when you take into consideration how easy they are to manage and maintain in comparison. They place themselves in a position where it is relatively easy to prevent and deal with any potential weed problems. The added height of raised beds is quite obviously beneficial to those who find it difficult to bend down and tend to their plants such as the elderly and those with physical disabilities and injuries.

4. Walls provide better water retention for the plants

The railway sleeper raised bed kit serves as wall for your garden, allowing the soil to retain the water completely. Allowing the plants to absorb the water and nutrients easily, raised beds encourage faster growth as well.

5. Less prone to soil erosion

Raised garden beds have a stronger base and with wooden walls that serve as support to the soil, this can help to prevent soil erosion. Raised garden beds can guarantee the protection of your plants and vegetables against soil problems.

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