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Laurel Cast Iron Fireplace Insert Polished

Price: £475 (REF: 2572)

The Laurel is a Late Victorian cast iron fireplace insert. Its grand canopy is decorated with a fruit and urn detail and is made to look all the more prominent by the connecting pillars that run down to the strong basket at the foot of the opening.

The basket is designed with simple lines and three bars. Between the opening and the frame sits a line of angled tile panels, bringing The Laurel to life. The frame itself is decorated with a sequence of 10 single leaves on the top, left and right of the square shape.

Ashpan: HEF037
Gas Fire to Suit: NUF036
Flue Type: Class 1 or 2
Gas Fire Heat Input: 6.9KW
Solid Fuel Brick: N/A
Style: N/A

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