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Vancouver Cast Iron Bath

Price: £1395 (REF: 2361)

The Vancouver cast iron bath is available without tap holes. Shown painted in bespoke colour.

L: 1710 W:730 H:725 Weight: 157kg

Available for Local or Nationwide Delivery (Charge Applies) 2- 7 days

Cast Iron & Copper Baths from JIG

There's nothing quite like locking yourself away and indulging in the sweet relaxation of a long, hot soak in the bath. For centuries, the human race has always sought sanctuary in the ritual and harmony of bathing and finding time to pamper oneself, escaping the pressures and stresses of everyday life.

Practised throughout the ages and in every culture around the world, the bath symbolises the importance of rejuvenation, restarting afresh and cleanliness.

In Cast Iron, we have chosen a material to manufacture our baths, which assures strength and durability, to finish our baths we line the interior with Vitreous Enamel: this process, first used over 150 years ago, has the properties of glass such as extreme hardness and resistance to scratching and more importantly, maintains the temperature of the water for longer than alternatives such as acrylic coating.

It is after this time honoured process that our designers and craftsman set to work creating bespoke colours to paint and expertly finish our baths.

The result: truly striking and wonderful baths with contemporary design and appearance and the handmade quality and longevity of old.

Prices start from

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