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Over a hundred years ago, most buildings were designed individually and made by hand, from the individual bricks to the roof tiles. Craftsmen and architects of the time were artists and knew how to create buildings of elegant proportions, with traditions of architecture dating back to the classic civilisations of Rome and Greece. Buildings followed certain classical rules of proportionality, as laid down by famous Roman architects such as Vitruvius, and were designed and decorated to show the skills of the builder and aspirations of the owners.

When buildings are demolished or redeveloped we save the best of the architectural features, be it anything from a grand stone entranceway to Victorian decorative terracotta bricks. These reclaimed antique architectural elements make great feature pieces for interior design, bar and shop fittings. For example an old stone frieze may be incorporated into a bar design, large stone capitals make excellent table bases, an old Victorian verandah can make an interesting garden feature.

Reclamation Products

Pair of Reclaimed Padstones £185
Pair of Reclaimed Padstones
Reclaimed Balustrade £22
Reclaimed Balustrade
Reclaimed Glass Blocks £2.95
Reclaimed Glass Blocks
Reclaimed Glass Blocks £3
Reclaimed Glass Blocks

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