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Birdbaths have featured in British gardens since the early Victorian period and gained great popularity in the early part of the 20th Century. The British love their birds, and a birdbath in the garden provides a welcome chance of a dip or a drink for small birds.
Antique birdbaths can be found in many different styles and materials. Stone and composition stone is the most common material, but lead and cast iron birdbaths are also found. A simple Edwardian birdbath may comprise of a square base, a rectangular stone column and a simple bowl, but more elaborate versions may include a shell shape for the bowl, which is held aloft by a classical putto or cherub.

Reclamation Products

Georgian Birdbath £135
Georgian Birdbath
Edwardian Birdbath £85
Edwardian Birdbath
Edwardian Birdbath £85
Edwardian Birdbath
Barley Twist Birdbath £85
Barley Twist Birdbath
Tre Putti Birdbath £85
Tre Putti Birdbath
Windsor Birdbath £80
Windsor Birdbath
Fluted Birdbath SOLD £65
Fluted Birdbath SOLD
Scroll Birdbath £80
Scroll Birdbath
Genuine Solid Stone Bird Bath £395
Genuine Solid Stone Bird Bath
Bird Hand Feeder £24
Bird Hand Feeder
Three Graces Birdbath £95
Three Graces Birdbath
Rustic Birdbath £48
Rustic Birdbath
Rose Birdbath £70
Rose Birdbath
Ornate Small Birdbath £55
Ornate Small Birdbath
Petite Birdbath £50
Petite Birdbath
Acanthus Birdbath £75
Acanthus Birdbath
Victorian Birdbath £90
Victorian Birdbath
York Birdbath £65
York Birdbath
Art Nouveau Birdbath £75
Art Nouveau Birdbath
Classic Birdbath £115
Classic Birdbath
Parisian Birdbath £90
Parisian Birdbath
Arcadian Birdbath £80
Arcadian Birdbath
Cheltenham Birdbath £102
Cheltenham Birdbath
Corinthian Birdbath £135
Corinthian Birdbath
Bird Bath £24
Bird Bath

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