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Decorative Stone evokes a sense of timelessness which fits in with any type of massive construction, from domestic housing to cathedrals. It's a highly versatile material, suitable for period and contemporary styles. It complements a range of cladding materials, from brick, quarried natural stone and reconstructed stone to rendered finishes.
Decorative Stone is regularly used internally and externally for new build, extension and refurbishment projects, including areas of sensitive planning constraints or where quarried natural stone is a predominant material.

Reclamation Products

Salvaged Decorative Stone £95
Salvaged Decorative Stone
Reclaimed York Stone Blocks £25
Reclaimed York Stone Blocks
Victorian Ventilation Block £35
Victorian Ventilation Block
V & A Spider Ventilation Block £0
V & A Spider Ventilation Block
Reclaimed Blue Stone Door Step £0
Reclaimed Blue Stone Door Step

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